Sunday, May 27, 2012

Some Actual Quilting Going On

 Happy to say I quilted this and added binding...almost have it all hand sewed down too.  Pretty sure this one will be a gift for someone for Christmas, since I have a Christmas one in different colors.
 Finished up listening to both these audio books.  Ros had borrowed me the Baldacci and Kathy brought the Picolult.  Neither were that great as far as I was concerned, but they did entertain me as I worked.  It might be the worst Picoult book I have ever read/heard.  Glad it is over.  Maybe the next one in will be better.  I should mention I started reading "A Season on Henry's Farm" and "The Shoemaker's Wife" on my Nook and am loving them both!
 Also quilted and bound this Bonnie K. Hunter pattern "Auntie's Anvil" and hung it up.  I like it, makes me smile!
 I rearranged the "Jack in the Box" blocks higher up on my design wall since it is hogging it and I need to use the space, but love looking at this one!  Can't wait to see what the color is for June on SoScrappy's blog.  Someone already guessed purple, but I am not sure yet.
I also spent some time cleaning up all the fabric on my little dresser in the quilting studio.  Kathy cut a bunch into strips for my drawers and I cut a bunch more bow tie pieces.  It is getting more manageable in there every time I work on it.  I also cut out a Diamondbacks surgical cap for my brother for Christmas.  He wants another Packer one (I repaired his old one) but I need more Packer fabric to make him one.  

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soscrappy said...

Purple it is! I am in love with your jack in the box quilt. From the rainbow blocks to the pinwheel border...can't get much better than that!