Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kathy's NYE and Sewing with Becky!

 I finally finished up the last row and borders (and backing) for Kathy's NYE Mystery from this year.  She was dragging it out so she could come visit often and now that she is moved in again she just never pulled it out and finished it.  We are doing Cal's mystery next weekend so had to get this one out of the way first.  No idea who will be getting this quilt.  Kathy doesn't like the white background so she has no idea who to give it to.  For now it will sit and wait for quilting.

Becky and I decided on a last minute get together in the afternoon and it was nice catching up with her!  She sewed a charity quilt and then worked on some Jack in the Box blocks.  After I worked on the NYE Mystery I did three more cheddar blocks and then added a row to the Cheddary Challenge which is finally getting to be a decent size!

 I am now about out of cut bow tie fabric.  I will have to get to cutting some more soon because I want to add one more long row (at least) to this quilt!  With the small size of the blocks it takes quite a bit to get this quilt to a decent size!

 Earlier in the day I quilted up these tiny doll quilts.  Nothing fancy but they are done and I am happy about that!  It was really a productive day in the sewing room.
Becky stayed for dinner and we played some Dutch Blitz and Five Crowns after which was fun.  She is a good card player and the only one that can consistently beat me at Dutch Blitz!
Picture borrowed from
Becky also showed me a cool quilt she is making (forgot to take a picture of her blocks) Anita's Arrowhead,  it is a free pattern (for a limited time) from Quiltmaker you can find it at  I even have leftover fabric in this same line so I might just start with that.  It is a really interesting block construction so I can't wait to have time to try it!


soscrappy said...

Congratulations n all your productivity! Feels great to be getting so much done.

Quilter Kathy said...

Beautiful NYE quilt...great colours.
I really enjoyed making the arrowhead blocks...very different technique and lots of fun!

Roslyn said...

So when shall we begin on an arrowhead quilt?

Barbara said...

Very nice work.

Vickie said...

Really pretty quilts!