Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wild and Goosey Check In and More

I managed to sneak in my Wild and Goosey block this weekend.  Here it is!  It has a few Eye Spy fabrics in it since I was cutting and organizing those today too.  I didn't realize that Quiltmaker had the pattern available for free online til somone posted it in the Quiltville Open Studio Facebook group that I moderate for Bonnie.  If you haven't started this one, do a few and make a tablerunner if you can stop at just a few!  Wild and Goosey Free Paper Pieced Pattern!

 I spent Friday night and Saturday with one of my favorite nephews--Colton!  He has gotten so big and is signing (milk, more, please, thank you,.   all done and now he signs Angela too).  He is quite a communicator for one who isn't really talking yet.  Seriously a smart little guy and the time went fast!  Mom, Dad, Colton and I went up to Prescott to a craft sale.  It was a gorgeous day (cooler up there than down here) and it was great fun.  I forgot my fitbit at home and thought I had lost it there which led to much retracing of steps (all not being counted--grrr!) but I had happily forgotten it on my pj's!
 Kathy made her second Jelly Bean Blast block...she wants to make Bonnie's Wanderlust Pattern.  It is going to be so pretty!
 I did get the yellow border on both Packer quilts, and one outer border on too.  I didn't think I had enough Packer fabric do finish the second one (so I was going to go green scrappy) but in cleaning out the eye spy stuff I found more so I think I can finish the second one after all!
Here is the Eye Spy with one more long row added...most likely will add more before I put the border on this one, have some cut and ready to go!  I work about three hours tomorrow so other than that and the drive there and back I plan to be sewing!


scraphappy said...

Great progress all around. Sorry that you have to work, but I hope you will still have a bit of time to relax. The geese look great. One block at a time!

Scrappy quilter said...

So fun to see all you've gotten done. And what a cute little guy!

Vireya said...

Thanks for the link to the Wild and Goosey pdf. I've admired yours for ages, so might just have to make a few myself.

Wona said...

Has this pattern been taken down? I can't find it at the link.