Sunday, August 24, 2014

Satisfying Sunday!

 Kathy and I drove across town today to get cheap fruits and veges.  We spent 64 bucks and got a ton of stuff.  We then spent an hour or two with me cleaning the fridge and some fruit (and bagging it up for work each day this week) and Kathy cleaning and chopping veges for the freezer and fruit for the fridge.  Almost all healthy choices in that fridge!  Chicken fajitas on tap for dinner tomorrow--you can see all those chopped peppers in there.
 Tamara sent me some leftover blocks and we reworked them into this cute top (two more blocks left over).  I think we will add a border to the narrow sides at least.
 I spent a lot of time today finishing up my March on Green Bay Packers # 2 quilt top too.  It also needs borders along with its twin.

 One of these is for Ben and one for Colton this Christmas.  I think they will really love them.
 Kathy decided to go nuts and start on another Bonnie project!  I am so excited she is doing this one because I love it but I do not want to make this one--looks complicated.  Can you guess it is Wanderlust from Quiltmaker.  I already see she did the blue geese the same blue but when she does the hst four patch in the corner she will need to change the goose to match on that side.  See why I am not doing it, lol it is a gorgeous quilt though!
My friend Kelli gave me some Packer squares a few months ago and since I was on a Packers kick I decided to sew them into rows.  I have another stack of squares so thinking this will be twice as wide when done.
All in all, a very productive sewing Sunday!  I feel like I got everything done I wanted to and I am ready to take a break from sewing and get to work tomorrow!  I hope your weekend included some sewing or whatever it is you love!


Gina said...

I love a full fridge and so much healthy goodness. xxx

Sue G said...

The fridge is looking good! Love the fabrics Kathy picked!

bunbear said...

so glad to see those packer scraps and blocks getting used! :)