Friday, August 1, 2014

Sending Some Quilt Love to a Superhero!

You may have noticed when I make baby quilts I tend to make them in pairs!  I feel really productive this way and helps to have some quilts on hand!  It came to my attention that my grandmother's best friend's granddaughter had a little guy with Down's Syndrome five months ago.  Both the grandmothers have been gone for years but I have many fond memories of her grandma and mine.  I also used to babysit for the granddaughter since I am older than she is.  I have not seen her in many years, but we are in touch on facebook and she now has a blog about their experiences over at We Choose Happiness!  Miles has a big brother and they consider both their boys to be superheroes in training!  What fab parents, my heart goes out to them to have a baby need such major surgery.  I have been through alot with my oldest but nothing like that, and so I felt the call to send him a little quilt--no superheroes in it, but it has cowboys so I hope it brings him some comfort as he heals. 
If you are the praying type, add Miles and his family to your prayers, they are going through alot right now!  THANKS!

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