Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday in the Quilting Studio!

 Big dipper was made a few days ago, but this morning I made Jewel Box and then
 the paper pieced Kaleidoscope.  I wish I would have switched the light fabrics with the corners, but it is done so all good!
 Here are all the red blocks, so unless Angela sneaks in another one, I think red is done.  Looking forward to the next color as always!

 I also finally got around to the July Ooh Rah!  Quilt of Valor block.  I am happy to say I was able to trim up a bunch of hst blocks that were hanging out forever waiting to find a home!  I changed up the block because I didn't want to applique the cute x on the center I just used a print for the center and I also went with red and blue instead of two shades of blue.  I think this block would be awesome as a Packer quilt with green and gold too!  So far I think this is my favorite block!
 I am still knitting dishcloths for Christmas is the one I finished up on Friday night!
Now to figure out what to sew next!
I am still going strong on eating right and exercising twice daily!  I have lost a total of 48 pounds now.  This past week was a great week (the week before not so much) and I am happy that I have stuck with it for almost six months.  Just the rest of my life to go! :)
This is me working out!


Deb A said...

You look great Andee! Congrats on 6 months. Love your red blocks especially the big dipper... yours looks like it is twirling. So pretty. I think all quilters knit - it seems like a lot of the blogs I check out have quilting and knitted dish cloths. I just swapped out my old ones for new ones I have been making.

Lisa said...

Way to go - both with the blogs and weight loss.

Moneik said...

Great job on the weight loss Andie! The blocks look great. I'd LOVE to have a whole day in my sewing room.

Roslyn said...

AArrgghh you overachiever i am green, I am so anxious to sew again.
Maybe later today if I can get caught up, the storm tore up our yard. And I still have the boy through Wednesday……..
You are doing great and you know that "diet" comes from a Greek word meaning "way of life!" I know you can do it Andee.

Dasha said...

48 pounds is awesome Andee! You will have to watch out that you don't fade away to a shadow LOL.
I love the colours you have chosen for the jewel box as well. Good contrasts in that.

scraphappy said...

6 months! Congratulations! Looking great, both blocks and you!