Friday, July 18, 2014

Two Flimsy's Together!

 Randy got back from visiting Rachel (my honorary daughter) in Norway.  He took her a few books from me for baby Leon and some handmade dishcloths and a candle for Rachel.  In turn, they sent home some Indian food (chicken mahkani--delicious in a box, why oh why don't we have it here in the USA?) and some fabric.  They discovered if they go to the secondhand store they can find fabric for semi decent prices (everything in Norway is EXPENSIVE to use Americans).  So I got a pillow case, a curtain and two large chunks of fabric.  Really nice Winnie the Pooh stuff!  The other sort of looks like a toile.  All of it will wind up used again.
 It has been a crazy week and both Kathy and I finally got a chance to come up and sew the borders on our flimsies at about 9 PM tonight!  We will take better pictures outside tomorrow but here are the indoor photos.  Kathy's is above and is for her great nephew Noah who is eight and lives in New York.  He needs a big boy quilt so this is it.  Kathy is planning to quilt it herself--it will be the first big quilt she tries to do on the domestic machine, but Noah will not mind if it isn't perfect!
 Meanwhile, I had to take off the border I hastily put on the other day (pin, always pin!).  I had forgotten that I didn't quite make this as large as Bonnie's but I made my borders the same size as Bonnie's.  So um, ya some unsewing and resewing was going on tonight.  I will say that somehow three of the four sides perfectly fit my borders but the first one which I unsewed needed about a half inch extra fabric to make it all come together.  I am over the moon that it is finally made (started this one at Bonnie's My Blue Heaven workshop in Tuscon in February!) and Lexi is happy with it too.

 Here are the backing fabrics.  Will get that together tomorrow and get it bagged up for Ros when she gets back to town.  I know she will put the final amazing finishing touches on it!
I am so looking forward to two days of sewing!  I need to get started on my Santa Swap Sack partner's sack and gifts.  They need to be mailed around Thanksgiving and it will be here before I know it!  I have a list of cool things I can make but if you have any fab suggestions (or links to tutorials) on stuff you would love if you were my swapper comment them to me please!

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scraphappy said...

My husband had some friends form Norway and they came here with big empty suitcases to shop for everything because it was all so expensive back home. Great progress -- two flimsies! Most impressive.