Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Everything but Sewing!

My Mom and Dad moved again (I know, right)!  They bought a gorgeous house about a mile from the last one. This one still needs a pool, but otherwise it is perfect for them.
Mom has already unpacked and moved in, doesn't take us are hung and most boxes are already unpacked!
I love the kitchen, especially their fridge!  Kathy put in a new icemaker for them (thanks Youtube) and they were overjoyed.  Whenever we go visit (they are about an hour from us) they have a list of things for Kathy to fix! 
This house will be great for our next Christmas--much more space than the previous house which was large, but the living room set up wasn't great and had actual seating for about four. 
Even the front door is gorgeous.  Papa DeLos' boat is hanging--this boat used to live above my grandparents' fireplace in Eau Claire and now it is happily at home here. 
The living room and kitchen are on the other side of the doorway and wall.  There are bedrooms off a hallway off the kitchen and the master is on the other side of this room, the other way with TWO huge walk in closets.  Dad is happy he finally has a closet in his bedroom! 
I didn't take pictures of the bedrooms and offices yet since they aren't all situated yet.  They took us out to dinner at Olive Garden (soup, salad and sangria for me!) as a thank you for all we did to help them move. 

Kathy won me a few t shirts from Just My Size...yay, I have a few old ones I can toss and replace with these! 
Not the best picture, but we stopped off at SAS for a few good fabric finds!  Only spent 20 bucks and got all this!  Really fun stuff!

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