Sunday, August 24, 2014

Christmas Gift Push!

 I decided to make several of the gals in my family a sleep mask for Christmas.  Just something fun and I actually use mine when the Arizona sun streams in our windows.  The cat loves to sit in the window so the blinds are half up and she moves the curtains getting in and out of the window so most every morning I am in the sun!
 I also worked on this March on Bay Packers (Quilt two) today.  All the parts are ready to go into blocks (one leftover block from the last quilt) and I know this one will come together fast--maybe yet tonight?

 I managed to get in my Wild and Goosey weekend block.  Apparently I was in a pink mood, lol.  Now I have another row started!
 I got my toes done in purple today since tomorrow I go back to my college interpreting job (YAY!)!  Really looking forward to that and I like the schedule I have so far.  I will go to my phone interpreting job about three nights a week but this week I only work that job on Friday so it is going to feel like I have all kinds of time on my hands!

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Scrappy quilter said...

Love the wild and goosey block. And your nails done in purple. My c would love that, it is her favorite color.