Sunday, August 17, 2014

Green (Bay Packers!)

 I wasn't too sure I was going to like this ticker tape block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler, but it was kind of fun and definitely different.
 So far five green blocks.
 Then since I needed a project I immediately decided to "just start" on the March quilt that I had cut parts for yesterday.

 Eventually I sewed all the yellow and white four patches and all the green and white hsts.

 And then I snipped and ironed.
 So I thought why not just do one block.
 Which led to making all ten of these blocks!  Only ten of the alternate to go!

So then I sewed up all the shirting/white strips for the four patches in the other block (and wondered how exactly I have SO many yellow/white four patches left over--no worries they will get used, I just cannot count!) and here is my stopping place.  By the way this quilt is from a tutorial over at Amy's Passions from March of 2009!  I have always wanted to do it, and once it occurred to me I could change up the colors (and do it scrappy too) so that it would be a Packer quilt (have a whole list of folks who want one of those) I finally got to it.  Some things just have to hang out for five years I guess!

And the best thing is I can count this as some GREEN sewing!


Gina said...

Love the blocks so far. I'm not sure about a one colour ticker tape block. I think it'll look great as a scrap quilt though xxx

bunbear said...

awesome! so glad to see the scraps being put to good use!

Amy said...

I needed some Packer inspiration this morning, for a lap-quilt my sister has requested. Off I went to look at images that googled up .....
A lil' bit down, I saw an image..... followed the link, and v'iola! Am I really surprised it was an "Andee" production???? ;)
But then, to realize it was made from the March calendar quilt tutorial.... LOL
I guess we DO navigate to things in our comfort-zone.
I love the look of this quilt done in Packer motif! So, fabric ordered.....