Thursday, August 14, 2014

Another Great Mail Day!

Look what Tammy from BunBear sent me!  She had some Packer fabric that had to get out of her Bears house so she passed on the "scraps" which are huge and some blocks to me!  I have been waiting for a silver necklace (to put my charm for shop hop on) since I need to get some silver cleaner and clean all my jewelry and everyday I look in the box and nothing!  I am also waiting on some purple chargers for my cell phone (car and house) that have been on their way for almost a month (are they still making them or what?) so I was over the moon to get Packer fabric in the mail today--thank you Tammy!
Now I am off to work, so no sewing going on today :(  I will take my knitting with me though!

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bunbear said...

you're welcome! enjoy!