Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pears and Greens!

Tonight Kathy and I are going to my co-worker and friend Christine's surprise birthday party!  She doesn't read my blog so I don't think my post will spill the beans.  I wanted to make something for her as she is a great friend, good listener, even better with advice and we have shared plenty of tears and even more happiness.  This picture doesn't really show that the top of the bag is actually a shade of orange not yellow.  Christine always carries her lunch to work in a bath and body type bag and schleps it around all day (as most of us do) so I thought this might work as a lunch bag for her that can be shoved in her purse after lunch is consumed.  Or she can use it for whatever.  It is the Simple Bag pattern from "Last Minute Patchwork Gifts" book.  It is a go to bag for me.  As always, I made two so someone else will likely get the other one some time this year.  Love that pear fabric!

 I bought a new vege container so I could bring veges to the party (so there will be something there I can eat!) and discovered it was missing one of the side red handles.  Will be getting one from Wal-Mart or they will be taking this back.  I took a picture for proof, lol!
*edit* Here is a picture of Christine and I at her party!

I ran and got my hair highlighted and trimmed (I really needed it!) and then I set out to sew the two green blocks I needed to get to (now I am blogging and I really need to get ready for this party as soon as I am done!) so here is Dakota Farmer.  I love the green grasshopper that found his way into this block!
 And this is Indiana Puzzle, which since it is in Packer colors is awesome too!  (Is anyone else dying for football season to get going?)
 And here are my first three blocks.  Linking up to SoScrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Go check out what everyone is up to in green!


Sheila said...

What a cute bag and most excellent idea. Sample blocks look difficult. Guess I'll try them later this week.

Lilian Pilar said...

La estrella de los bichos (insectos) me encanta

Marly said...

Great bags, and a clever idea to make two while your at it, reversing the fabrics.
Your green blocks are looking good too.

scraphappy said...

Great bags, great blocks. Hope it was a great party!

laura Madalene said...

Fantastic, congratulations! I love the idea house and your photos are awesome!
Interior Design

Karen said...

Very nice bag. Your green blocks are pretty.

Deb A said...

Great bag and sounds like a fun party. Such pretty blocks you have made.