Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wild and Goosey Sunday :)

 I did some cleaning in my quilting studio this weekend because it really needed it!  I like to be organized, I work better that way!  Shark week on the TV (I did finish listening to "Secrets of Eden" yesterday then back to the TV).  I sew on the left and Kathy on the right.
Here you can see my design wall--yes that modern medallion is still percolating!
My beautiful newly recovered ironing board.  80's blue this time around.

My fabric shelf.  I always take a picture of two of it this time of year so that I will have it on shop hop.  Then while shopping if I am unsure if I really need to buy something I can look at the picture and say--umm no you do not need any BLUE fabric, etc.  Looks like I need orange and aqua and purple.

Here is the 80's blue ironing board cover and the latest Wild and Goosey block!  The pattern is at Quiltmaker if you feel the need to start one of these babies.  The paper piecing is fun--takes me a good hour to make each block and the blocks are small!  One more block and I will add the most recent row.  It really helps to have a goal each week (one block a week) because it is growing!

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Angie said...

What fun to see your studio! So much color and interesting stuff to study! Love the ironing table - I need to make room for something like that.