Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Relaxing Day Off--Sewing, Dinner Out and a Fab Mail Day!

 I did a little sewing today--I decided to make my Home Sweet Home block into a pillow.  It is all sewn up (front above, back below) and is waiting for me to stuff it and sew it closed.
 Kathy and I went out for our annual birthday dinner at Benihana's.  We get a coupon for free food but they changed the rules and you must order a paid entree with the coupon (for the past two years we have had a free dinner since we have a birthday in the same week) so we had to order extra food (which could not be to go) and then box it up to take home to Coleman!  I did not overeat, I tasted it all and ate til I was full!  I did eat the ice cream for dessert though--we did not do cakes for our birthdays this year and we couldn't very well take ice cream home here in Arizona!  It was good and worth it!  I did come home and worked out for an hour and then went for a walk with the dogs (and Kathy) so I am fine with all that!  We weigh tomorrow but it will be a new week after that!
I also had a great mail day today!  I was a winner over at Taffy Talk's blog!  I won a charm pack of Elementary by Moda.  It is really a cute line and I cannot wait to figure out what to make with it!
 If you are not a regular shopper of Quilt Taffy's Etsy Shop you should check it out or at least stop over at the blog every Thursday for the generous giveaways Corrie has!  Thanks Corrie, you made my day!


Deb A said...

Great picture of you Andee! A splurge was due - you are doing great. Congrats on the win. Love how the house came out.

Moneik said...

You're looking great. Happy Birthday!