Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ironing Board Redo!

 In the past seven months or so I have worn out my lime green ironing board cover!  It has been in need of a redo for at least two months or so and I Jo's challenge finally got me on it!  Thanks Jo!  We decided to put this lovely 80's blue stuff on it that we found at the estate sale last May.  I have several chunks of it and the first one I grabbed was already the perfect size!

 It only took about ten minutes to pull off the old and remove the screws that hold my ironing board to the shelves underneath, staple the new fabric on and rescrew the screws.  Of course Kathy did most of the work--with her power drill.

 One of the light bulbs burnt out in here today (and of course we don't have any the right size here) so it was either too bright or too dark for the picture, but you can see my ironing board looks like new again!

Linking up to Jo of Jo's Country Junction!  Go on over and see everyone else's ironing board makeovers and maybe do one yourself!


Gina said...

Love the ironing board. I would have never thought of using the top of a chest of drawers. I've just got a normal ironing board but it's nowhere near big enough to be honest. xx

Sue G said...

Great idea for an ironing board. When I set up my new quilt studio (all my stash is in Perth and I'm living in North Carolina) I will quite possibly be stealing your idea!11135

Jo said...

Great Job....after I saw mine done I was so crabby with myself that I waited so long!!