Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day!

 My accountant daughter Hannah flew to Louisiana tonight for her job and was on the plane with Si and Jep from Duck Dynasty.  She got to get a picture with Si after they landed--how fun for her!
 I finished up the Eye Spy quilt and got some slightly wavy borders on.  I will hand tie this one and have it ready for a little one down the line.  After getting that done I went to work for a short three hour shift and then came back home and went right back to it!  Kathy was working so I finished up listening to China Dolls and organized the orange scrap bin and cut tons of 3.5 inch strips and then lozenges.  I am pretty sure I will have too many lozenges when these are all sewn...three more months to go!
 I have been posting my Wild and Goosey block that I complete each weekend on the Quiltville Open Studio has gotten tons of attention and several folks have now started this or added it to their list.  That has motivated me further so I did an "extra" block today!  Loving seeing this one grow since I really want to have it quilted and bound to show Bonnie in person (she saw it last year, tiny!) in January.  Also one of the editors of Quiltmaker saw my pictures and asked if I could send her some to be published in the magazine.  How cool is that?  I hope it materializes, this quilt is tons of work but it is SEW gonna be worth it!

My daughter saw some of the pictures and asked who this one was for and I told her I was keeping it though it might be inherited by the oldest grandchild.  Her response was I will tell my brothers the race is on..haha!  While I cannot wait for grandkids, she is the only one even remotely ready to have any and right now she is focused on her career and enjoying life--such a smart girl!  So glad my advice about not having kids young got through to the kids...all mine were born by the time I was 23 and I guess the best thing about that is that I now have time for me and am still young enough to enjoy it!  :)  
Back to a full day of work tomorrow but hoping to sew again Wednesday or Thursday!


Scrappy quilter said...

I love the block. It's so colorful.

Cathy said...

My baby just turned 18 today and I've always used that same line, "I'll still be young enough to enjoy it." Loving watching your Wild and Goosey coming together!