Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bringing Out My Inner Junk Gypsy!

 I decided to work on Ooh Rah! and do my September BOM.  I did the whole center part and then discovered that despite my close to perfect seam allowance, it was far too big for the 8 inch side pieces.  UGH!  I trimmed some but it still is too big.  So I put it away for another day.  I may just make another middle because that seems like less work than tearing apart and fixing this one, lol!

I decided to head downstairs and got in my workout and did some cleaning...then I decided I wanted to paint this cabinet my folks gave me turquoise.

 Watching the Junk Gypsies show has me really loving this color and wanting to makeover something so I did!  This cabinet lives in our third bathroom which is rarely used now that we don't have a roommate living upstairs.
 I wanted it to match the fish shower curtain in there and be more fun!

I pretty much had to climb in the sink to get these pictures, but I love how it turned out and there is lots of paint left---wonder what is next!


Sherry said...

I love your shower curtain! And your cabinet matches much better now.

Thank you for sharing.

Scrappy quilter said...

Love the new color of your cabinet

Roslyn said...

The paint turned out great- now I am painting our bathroom this week ready for the final renovation installs.
I am sorry you did not get drawn for the funky chicken but I will make more & rest assured your name is on #1!

Cathy said...

I just love this! I want to do my desk. It's an antique teacher's desk and in sorry shape, but it's also my sewing desk so it is out in the open and used all the time. That turquoise color would look awesome on it! Thanks for sharing! ( the shower curtain too)