Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rally in the Valley Shop Hop Day Two!

 Tiffany and I started out our day at Quilter's Bee.  Here is their shop hop quilt--we collected clues at every shop so we can make this if we want.  I like this year's quilt, so it might get made!  This was the only store that I didn't find something to buy!

 The next store was Arizona Quilts.  Loved their color choices on the quilt.

 And Sun Valley Quilts--hey had a very colorful shop hop quilt.  The quilt is designed by Diane Ebner.
 This one was also at Sun Valley Quilts.  I love this store, they have lots of fabric selection and whoever picks out the fabric likes a lot of stuff I like!
 My favorite thing of the whole shop hop was seeing this quilt!  Love it and it reminds me of the Quilty Barnalong (which I am still collecting fabric for but need to get cutting out).
 They were sold out on the pattern and did not even have it listed as one I could find online (their sign said Houses in the Rough) so I asked my Quiltville Open Studio facebook friends if they had any idea what the name of the pattern is or where to find it.  I tried searching online myself and found one called Ryonkan by Thimble Creek Quilts and one in Quiltmania magazine, though I don't know when.  One of the gals online said that is in the process of posting a pattern online, so we will see if that turns up.  Really love this one!

 Tiffany fell in love with this quilt and bought all the fabrics to make it.  She wants to put minky on the back and have a nice cuddle quilt for herself, cannot wait to see it!
 The clouds were all white and fluffy as we drove to our next shop...they had been telling us we were in for rain all day!  See this rubber ducky cloud?  Someone in the car thought it looked like an elephant or a rocking horse!   I see a beak and head!
 Next store was The Olde World Quilt Shoppe, I love all the civil war stuff in this store!  I took gobs of pictures of things I loved!

 Bought myself a little teeny tiny twister at this store so I can make some of these!

 Almost bought the above kit.  We have always nicknamed my Papa DeLos "old crow" since that is his poison and I love this little top!

 This is their shop hop quilt top, and another one with cheddar I loved!
 This is the Kim Deihl Club quilt of the month.  I need to join a Kim Deihl club, but theirs is full (wait list only) so I may have to join the one at the Fat Quarter Shop.  This little quilt, Laundry Day,  is SO cute, my picture isn't the best, but I loved this one as much as the house quilt!  This shop has Carrie Nelson teach classes and they gave us a free book with Miss Rosie (the dog--mascot) on the cover to commemorate the very fabulous life of Miss Rosie who went over the rainbow bridge not too long ago.  My heart goes out to Carrie Nelson, I know how she loved her dog!
 Next up was Quiltz.
 They had a bright Shop Hop Quilt up!
 If I didn't already have too many hand project (hexies) going, I might have been tempted to buy this one, pretty block!

 Our last official stop was Bernina Connection.  The sky was still dry when we went in!  These are their shop hop quilts.  Love the one in Halloween colors.

 It started storming while we were inside and we had to go out to the car in an absolute downpour!  The streetlights were out, trees were down, it was nutso fast!  We had a quick lunch trying to wait out some of it!

 We made one last stop at SAS fabrics (they sell fabric for 3.99 a yard and I bought about 15 yards there!)  This was they way in and out of our street by the time we got home.
 And the backyard again.  The water just takes forever to drain!
 And here is my haul from day two.

 Spread out so you can see all the pretty fabric.  I am a lucky girl!
 And I fit it all where it needed to go and I don't think I will be needing much fabric anytime soon.  I did sign up for the Hatbox Cotton and Steel fabric exchange over at SewMummy--I want some of that fabric and not one shop hop store carried any of it!

All and all another fun shop hop year!  Thanks Tiffany for coming with me and being a fun hop!

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Cathy said...

Quite the haul! I love shop hops. I've been doing all of the Cotton + Steel swaps with Sew at Home Mummy and am trying to decide which pattern I want to use for them. They feel so soft!