Saturday, September 6, 2014

Orange is Here!

September is here and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color is orange!  Perfect for fall and easing us into cooler tempers.  Here is bear paw, such a fun block.  Linking up here!

And here is Kick.  I love the movement of this block.  
 I also got a few leaders and enders lozenges going in orange.
I will be linking up to SoScrappy so head on over there and see what everyone else is up to with orange!
 We hung our flag and watched the first Packer game last was a hard one to watch, but I am still glad we are back to football season!  This is my favorite time of year though I miss the changing leaves of Wisconsin.
 A Facebook friend asked me to post ten books that have affected me one way or the other so I took a picture of eleven books that I have read at least once that I loved so much I kept them to read again and again.  That is a rare honor in my library--I only have two shelves of actual books that fit this category.  Most books are read once and given away, donated, or traded in.  Now that I read on my Nook it is even rarer!
If you are a reader, I challenge you to post a picture of your ten favorites or the names and authors so I can find some more good reads!


Scrappy quilter said...

Funny I don't have one piece of orange in my scraps. It's not my favorite color and I seldom use it, probably twice in the 30+ years I've quilted and only because it was in a $5 bag I purchased at a quilt store. I love reading and seldom do I go a day without quilting and without reading.

Nell's Quilts said...

Good start on orange. I have to cut my fabric for the orange lozenges to add to the collection. Perhaps they'll be ready next week. I'll have to take a look through my books and see what I would list.

scraphappy said...

Great looking oranges. Looks like fall is on its way. Football and fall colors

Anonymous said...

Love that kick block. I want to try that one. I have the tri-rec rulers and have never even used them. Now I will!

East of Eden and A Tree grows In Brooklyn - both excellent books!!

Vireya said...

Some great books on that pile! I'll have to look for the ones I haven't read.

Love the "kick" block, and I was surprised to see how it is put together. I can do that!

Sheila said...

Love your blocks. Cooler nights. Yes. Fall is in the air.