Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hump Day Sewing!

 Did a little sewing before work and a lot of sewing after work today!  First up was my Plus block in orange for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Then I tackled block five and six of Tula Pink's City Sampler.

 I really don't have a plan for colors on these blocks...I am using the pictures to help me pick my fabrics and am hoping that Tula had a plan that I can follow, haha!  Right now it looks a little hodgepodgy but I am not going to worry too much!
 After cutting and sewing a bunch more huge HST's for Scrappy Mountain Majesties I sewed a half of another block and then went down to work out and make chef salad.  When I came back up I put borders on this little Packer quilt (I sewed the second half of it today).

 Tonight, Kathy did the cutting and I did the sewing on this Lil' Twister (turned the pic above into a much smaller quilt below).  It goes pretty quickly with the two of us tag teaming.  I am hoping I will have time to quilt it tomorrow but if not I will do it this weekend, I want to bring this one to my phone job and hang it in the cubicle!  GO PACK GO!


Scrappy quilter said...

You've been busy. Tomorrow is my sewing day. Looking forward to that

SandyPA said...

Andee, you have me thinking it's time to make a Broncos quilt to compete with your Packers quilts. I started making a blue/orange Carolina Crossroads and am searching for Broncos fabrics for the white centers.