Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Funday!

Block 8 for City Sampler is done, loving this block too!  Aren't they all magnificent together?  Long way to go but they are fun!

 Bonnie posted this link earlier and I have printed it before and just have never felt confident enough to do it.  Now that I have paper pieced a gazillion Wild and Goosey blocks I thought I could try it!  It wasn't too bad, much harder than Wild and Goosey but it was fun!  I could not get the dotted lines to print on the pattern so I used a ruler and drew them in myself.  My last two pieces are slightly off and I may try to fix that later, but for now I am content with it!
 Her is what the crazy back looks like too!

 And the mess around my machine now that I am done! to finish watching the Packer game...hoping they keep up the momentum they just found before the half!


Scrappy quilter said...

I like those blocks. I've never paper pieced. Will have to try it one day

Rene' said...

Thanks for participating in the Choose Your Own BlockAlong! Your City Sampler blocks are coming along nicely.

Live a Colorful Life said...

Thanks for linking up this week. I'm really enjoying the City Sampler blocks. Yours look great. And now I want to make that pumpkin!

Linda said...

Is that the Tula Pink City Sampler? I'm impressed! Love the pumpkin too.

Michelle said...

I love your city sampler blocks!!! Are you making them in order? So far, mine have been made randomly (all six blocks...haha). So glad you are joining the fun!!!