Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic Progress-Not Really!

 Well I was accused of ruining a mystery on a new group I recently joined because I posted my blocks and someone thought I was guessing at the layout.  I had forgotten to take pictures like these two so I just used the ones I had put on my blog not even thinking that I could be revealing a layout.  I meant no harm, but had my feelings hurt by those who seemed to think I was out to ruin their fun on purpose.  PLEASE.  I felt like telling them my recent life story.  My heart has been broken several times in the last few months and I am doing all I can to just put one stitch in front of the other.  I am not my usual sharp self and just wasn't thinking at all when I posted the pics.  But knowing my story doesn't really matter to the masses and some people just look for something to be pissy about I apologized and let it go.  I was so excited to find the group and have a more fun way to make my Quilts of Valor donation quilts--I love mysteries but now I will finish up this mystery and quietly take my fabric and go home.  Sigh.
 We have been watching a lot of the Olympics and I did some knitting last night while the USA's girls gymnastics team was winning!
 I also unpicked my bow tie cheddary challenge and then today I took in some seams, did some trimming and made it fit.  I noticed that some of the previous row was also a little bigger and I hadn't see it before.  I am over it.  It looks better and so too bad if it isn't perfect.  My perfectionist tendencies are leaving me, my give a damn is busted.  I am happy with this one and really should do one more row on it to see if it is big enough.

This morning, I also did some fast quilting on this little dolly quilt and have put it on our ottoman for a doggy quilt.  It will serve its purpose.


Mego said...

Hey...I'm part of the same QOV group and there are some women that think they get to 'define' QOV and mystery. I sew along with them and there are some really terrific people in the group but there are SOME...just shrug your shoulders and let it go. It's not just THIS group and it's helped me immeasurably as I work with 'groups'. HANG IN THERE!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

It is so hard letting things go. And it's so easy to lose sleep over things. I am sorry that all of that snootiness had to happen, and I truly truly hope you have been able to put it behind you. I wish I didn't linger on such pooh-pooh stuff when it happens to me; for me the saying is: "{TOO much} Time heals all wounds." :\

Excellent perseverance on the Cheddar Bowtie! What a fabulous collection of fabrics.