Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cheddary Challenge Progress

I sewed up all but one of these blocks this morning.  I am out of cut bow ties and am hoping this is enough for another row and that they are the right size.  We went to a Hunger Games themed party this afternoon at Madison and Denise's place.  We watched the movie, played a trivia game they made up about the movie and a board game that wound up being too complicated for us.  We had lots of good food, some of it themed with the movie (ants on a log, roaches, lol).  
I was hoping to sew these onto the quilt top tonight, but instead I am being lazy and just reading my blogs and playing on facebook.  My work schedule already changed (lost my afternoon class Mon-Thurs and added an earlier class on Mon, Wed.) so now I have to get up earlier three days a week, grrrr!  
Anyway soon I shall have an update on this quilt and hopefully it will be a completed flimsy!

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