Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quilt of Valor Mystery Solved and Schnibble Progress

Today was my birthday!  Kathy and I went out to lunch at Benihanas.  It was practically free because we joined the birthday club and since our birthdays are three days apart we each used our certificate.  We had sushi!  After that we went over to Bath and Body Works and used another coupon for a buy one get one free deal.  Kathy picked out some Ocean Men's cologne and I got the Sleep lotion that smells so good!  A few days ago our big gift to each other arrived and we already love it!

 Today while watching Man on a Ledge and Gone we did a bit of squaring up and sewing of the Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilts.  Here is the one I did.  Still needs a border.  It is called Star Path.
 This one is Kathy's.  I like the scrappy look better.  This one was made from leftover bits I still had even after making a full size quilt and a schnibble from this fabric.  This is finally the end of it, and I still love it!  There might be enough bits left to cut up for bow ties!

Dimestore Schnibbles is slow to see progress.  This sucker is a bit of a pain.  The directions say to use a scant quarter on the pieced border strips, but then the cornerstones don't wind up in the right place.  So I am painstakingly adding in extra seams to make things line up better.  It is half way done and I am finally getting some sort of a rhythm to it.  It is not one I will be making again!  I like the look of it though..sort of like a huge window and the colors remind me of Monet's paintings.  So it is all good Carrie!  I am sure other quilters are having no problem with getting things to match up.  I will say that my normal quarter inch is finally perfect on the featherweight!

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Roslyn said...

Both of the mystery quilts turned out nicely, I too like the scrappy version better I think.