Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Bucket List Quilt and a UFO Finish!

 So Jo over at Jo's Country Junction sent out a call for anyone who might want to join her to work on this Hawaii Sunset quilt from Quilters' Newsletter Magazine awhile back.  I got about this far picking out some fabrics before I remembered I was really trying to finish up my UFO's.  I don't have a lot, but I don't like have ANY!  So I just tucked it aside...and added it to my bucket list.  Then Beth over at posted and asked her readers what they would do with fifteen minutes a day....this got me to thinking I can devote around two hours a week to a bucket list project!  So that is my reward for getting another UFO done today.  I am going to just go for it--it make take a year or two in and around everything else that I do, but the journey starts today!
 It is a gorgeous quilt and other than Bonnie's stuff I have never tackled anything like this...sure hope I can follow magazine directions, if not I will be emailing Jo (LOL!) and begging her to explain and expand.  Smile, nothing beats Bonnie's step by step directions as far as I am concerned!  So do you have a project you have been dying to get to that you can devote fifteen minutes a day (or two ish hours a week) to?
So on to the UFO!  These are my quilt history exchange blocks from 2010.  Our group exchanged blocks but FIVE people dropped out at the last minute and so I had five of my own blocks instead of one...then to make it even more someone else picked the EXACT same Broken Sugar Bowl block I did so I actually had SEVEN of the same block though in various fabrics.  I was so unhappy about all that that I just put it away.  But it was the UFO of the month and I can say I am so glad to have finally done it.  I bought the sashing fabric while in Wisconsin last summer when DJ and I were on a spree.  It was a good deal and I like how it all came together.
 Row 1
 Row 2
 Row 3
 Row 4 gave me fits.  First of all the third block on that was not even fudgebly off.  It was WAY too small on one side and a titch too small on the other side.  Luckily I was listening to Adele (and then Mama Mia) so I took it apart and redid the yellow triangles with a smaller seam which made it fudgable, though still too small. Then after I got the row done I realized that I had sewn the first block in with the wrong orientation (I was going for an X so that it seemed to make sense that I had ALL the same damn block!) so I unsewed that and fixed it.  Well worth it, I am satisfied with this top!
No idea where this one will go to yet, I don't think I will be keeping it though I really love that airplane block!  Was so nice to empty out the bin this was in and move a new UFO into, June had some thirties nine patches all made up so I found a pattern for a cool quilt and raided her stash before the sale and now it is a UFO for me to finish--though it hardly counts because I didn't start it, I am just going to finish it...later!  SMILE.  


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Well...CERTAINLY a productive Sunday after such a productive Saturday :0)

And oooo......its a good thing I don't have a subscription to Quilter's Newsletter anymore, or otherwise I could find my arm being twisted into joining you and Jo! LOL :0)
{{Hmm...wonder if I can zoom in....and see...what....month...that magazine is...... and..order it online?...}}

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Feb/Mar 2010. No 414
Gotta love the zoom feature :-)

Andra Gayle said...

I love the hawaii sunset one also but have not been brave enough to start it. Maybe someday...

Kate said...

Congrats on getting those blocks into a finished top. I's a fun top. My only experience with a swap didn't end well (ended up making 3 blocks and had to restitch two). I'll have to really trust the group do another.

Lynda said...

Swaps can be a mixed bag. Glad you finally made your blocks up into such a great quilt!

Sarah said...

This quilt is adorable. Congrats on the finish!

Anonymous said...

Lovely finish, I'll be excited to see your progress on the new one! I'm amazed at how much I'm getting done in my fifteen minutes at a time and how much oomph it's adding to my other projects!