Friday, August 17, 2012

More Sewing with Bonnie!

 I managed to catch Bonnie Hunter on her webcam again tonight...along with 400 other people including Amy, Angela and Nancy!  We wind up chatting via facebook while watching and commenting to Bonnie and it really makes a night of sewing fun.  I haven't met any of these people in person (yet!) but I feel like I know them and they know and get me!  I love my friends and co-workers of the non quilting variety, but they just think I am nuts.  My quilter friends can understand why I prefer Quiltville to Margaritaville, lol!  So Kathy sewed up these fabulous blocks (leftover bits from Night and Day a few years ago!) and I put the blocks into rows and will add borders too.  Coleman decided he likes this one and wants this one instead of Smith Mountain Morning (which is still in blocks waiting) as it is more him.  That is great because I have been wanting to make a quilt to give to my best friend Monica in Wisconsin and the other day she commented on my Jamestown Landing pictures on facebook!  We have been friends since we were 15 and I was dating Coleman's father and she was dating her now husband (some things work out, others don't!) and we have been through thick and thin together.  I love this woman like a sister and though I don't see her or even talk to her much anymore she will always be my best friend!  She sews and does a tiny bit of quilting, or did several years ago and appreciates the "value" of a quilt.  So I think Smith Mountain Morning will be well loved and well used.  I hope to have it done to mail her by October because that is her birthday month and her anniversary...this year will be 24 years for her and Bob!  They were married a few months behind me and my ex hubby so it is easy to keep track.  Do other divorced people remember on their anniversary and count the years?  Even though they don't count any more?  LOL.

Here are the nine patch blocks I have sewn up so far.  Just leisurely sewing them along and Jo is right...each step gets me that much closer to the next thing.  This Bucket List quilt--Hawaii Sunset 1848 was a great idea!  I think Amy and another bloggy friend Andra are going to sew this one up too.  Anyone else out there working on it?  Following along with Jo's Country Junction?  
I also pieced the back for the Thirties Quilt History quilt, binding to go.  


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Couldn't you just imagine a life of quilting, friends and serious leisure!?!?! It was SO MUCH fun last night!!! I've never been to a guild meeting or retreat, but I DEFINiTELY loved the comradery we had going on! It was 10 o'clock in NO TIME!

I LOVE the blocks Kathy worked on from the left overs. I have found that I'm partial to red/black quilts. The white "crosses" really stand out...... "The Iron Cross"?? :)

Can't wait to see what I may be able to do later on once the gardening is finished up.
Enjoy your weekend!

Jo said...

Your nine patches are looking good. I have a couple days before the end of month so I hope I can get mine finished!!

Kathy Kavanaugh said...

I was so glad when those blocks were done. The pile seemed to never end.

Kathy Kavanaugh said...

I was so glad when those blocks were done. The pile seemed to never end.