Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sewing with Kathy, then Becky and Bonnie

Today was a really stressful day.  A relative of mine phoned to tell me that he has cancer.  I think I am still in shock about this and can't believe so many of my family members keep getting and dying from cancer.  My mom is still in remission but hasn't been feeling at all well lately.  Kathy has no insurance and who knows what is going on with her cancer.  Now this.  UGH.  I was sewing when he called and continued to sew off and on through the stress of the entire day though I was not my usual self.  I skipped going to the PMQG meeting too.  Just couldn't muster the strength to smile and be social.
There are things going at at my work regarding a student I haven't even met yet.  Things have been completely blown out of proportion and my good intentions were not taken as such.  I can't tell you what a mess all that is, and how stressful it is to me.  I feel like I try my hardest to be the best I can and in two seconds one person who misunderstands can destroy things.  No fun, not what you are here to read but some of what I am going through and why I NEEDED some sewing time.  
Kathy sewed this morning and got her border on her mystery quilt.  Looks great!

 Last night I ordered a free collage from Walgreens and Kathy picked it up today.  I made it of the quiltville quilts I have made so far.  A few are missing, but I taped it up in the sewing room and it made me smile before my phone started ringing.
 I got all the blocks put together from night and day earlier and today I added the borders.  I really like how this one turned out and Coleman likes it.  So I need to make a backing and get it sent off to the quilter.  I also made the binding for the Thirties Quilt History quilt and put it away for later.
 Other than that, I sewed up bow tie blocks all day.  Becky came over and finished up her Nines Surrounded quilt (which I have planned to make too) and I was so distressed I didn't even get pictures of anything she worked on!  We put Bonnie on the webcam and that distracted me for a bit which was nice.  My bow ties are not as perfect as previous bow times--I hate the anxiety that makes me crazy.  The good news is DJ didn't cross my mind all day, HA!  Well, til now, ha!

I made TONS of bow ties and hope when I get them all put together there will be enough for another row.  This stack includes fabric BJ gave me last time I saw her and it was fun to see it become bow ties.  I am so glad I am blessed with so many sewing friends.  


scraphappy said...

So sorry about your news. Glad you found some distraction. Love the colors on the mystery quilt.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh Andee. Anxiety is such a frustrating part of life, and although 'time heals all wounds' or 'time helps you forget'... when in the moment (and often many days that follow), life is just hard.

Bonnie was able to distract me the other night as well; and life was good for a few hours... until the night rolled in, and the stewing, stewing, stewing happened. I will be thinking about you over these next few days; may you find more distractions and some good-graced individuals to help you find peace again.

Nedra said...

So sorry to hear about the health issues with family and friends. You were missed at the PMQG on Saturday. We had a good turn out of about 20 even with so many out of town. Alyssa did a great job teaching the needle case.
I hope next month finds you feeling a little better, and that your quilting can be therapudic.