Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Times Three!

 Kathy and Tina share a birthday and three days later it is my birthday (and two weeks later it is mom's) so the four of us got together and went and got pedicures.  Tina got Green Bay Packer toes, I am going to do that later this fall!  Mom and I got similar colors which just happens to be close to Angela's Rainbow color of the month and Kathy got more of an electric blue!

We went out for dinner and plenty of drinking.  All of the family in this area was there so that was nice.  We even had a cake.  Here I am between my mom and my (step)dad.  We had a really nice night and spend the night at Tina's new place.  Then bright and early this morning we headed off to Ros' to sew.
BJ's handwork blocks

I felt like I was sewing in slow motion today.  I didn't take too many BJ's blocks and didn't take pictures of Meridith's blocks (first time I have met her at the Huggy Bunch) and have no idea what Ros was working on in between taking care of her adorable grandson Matthew.  As you can see I had to do some unsewing, not once but twice on these blocks but I am happy with them now!  These are the Jack in the Box blocks for August.

SoScrappy Rainbow Challenge Color for August
 Friday before doing toes we stopped and picked up the three quilts Ros had done for us and then I whipped up the binding so I could give it to her later that night.  She has several of my quilts and is always appreciative of them but she absolutely raved about this quilt.  She loves it and facebooked about it and everything.  I know she will cherish it always!

Tina's Crown Quilt--she loved it!
 We arrived home from Ros' and our joint birthday gift to each other had arrived!  We got a Kitchenaid mixer (pay no attention to the messy counter behind the mixer, lol!) which Kathy and I have talked about getting for a long time.
 I then went and finished up these stars for Smith Mountain Morning (I worked on the units at Ros').

 Now all three of the different blocks are done and the border units are sewn too.  Kathy helped iron and trim them today, yay!  I am anxious to get this one together, but I have several other projects pulling at me.  The good news is I don't work tomorrow or Monday so I might get several things done!
 Squared up a few more of these and got them together.  Waste not, want not!


scraphappy said...

Doesn't look like you were sewing in slow motion at all. Great looking rainbow blcks. So happy upu are done with the SMM blocks! That has to feel good.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Can we trade spots? Still in ND somewhere. Thank goodness technology allows me to check in on your progress. Great jack in box blocks! Happy birthday too!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great Jack in the box blocks...they sure do look tricky to sew!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you and Kathy!