Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wishing I was Sewing!

I am wishing I was sewing...but life sometimes gets in the way. I was supposed to be teaching one leisurely class this semester (and still work my other two jobs) and then there were two. And of course, two different levels of ASL so two preps. Then as of this morning I was offered/begged to take on one more class, and yep you guessed it, it is a different level and another prep. I am so not a last minute person and I was so overwhelmed this morning! I have taught all of these classes before but there is a new revamped curicullum for the one level, and a supplementary book that I haven't read yet, the second level not too many things I have to change and the third level they cover some of the units but not all that I have done before. They don't use the supplementary book that I used to use. Boring you, sorry...basically in a nutshell I have my work cut out for me! Today I worked ALL day and am happy to say that I have things well in hand (for the first week anyway!) and tomorrow I will get some more done, but they I am rewarding myself with some sewing! See that RRCB? I need to get trimming some blocks...or see this SMM? My strip swap arrived (no pic yet) and Amy is getting way ahead of me so I want to get to more of it!

And since I haven't been sewing I will show you some stuff I was thinking about sewing the other day. My daughter wants a Christmas Tree Skirt and I would like a new one too. I like the pattern above though I need a degree ruler to make it so haven't started it yet. This is the pattern I made three of back in about 1992..funny, it is a Thimbleberries pattern back before I knew what that meant. Can you see that this was before rotary cutting? I made the patterns out of an old manila folder...and I had extra base blocks (which are aweful now that I really know how to sew!)

Here is a picture from my old journal of two of the skirts I made.

Here are a bunch of the Mickey Mouses I cut up to make potholders from. They are made from my leftover bargello strips. Finally found a use for those strips two years later! The last picture is last Saturday at Ros' place. This is the Arizona Huggy Bunch--I visited them to drop off some quilts to Ros and I really want to make time to go sew with them because they were having a lot of fun sewing up some Quilts of Valor!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

What started out as....."Oh Andee! I feel for you!"....turned into a giggle when I read the "Amy is getting ahead of me" comment....which then became..."My GOODNESS! Way to pack in LOADS to a post!"
I DO understand about the plate being (and getting) fuller. One more week left for me and then my teaching life hands me a new challenge; going from three daily preps to five (or six) depending on the term/quarter. **deep breath** Challenging, but must be accomplished.

Hoping you see some quilting reward time this weekend!

scraphappy said...

Sounds like you got a giant start on the teaching part. Glad to hear you plan to reward yourself with a little time to sew. Amy is usually getting ahead of most of us. Don't let that worry you. She is just a little superhuman sometimes. Fun walk down memory lane with all those old projects. What a nice way to appreciate not just where you were, but also how far you've come