Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sewing Day at June's House

Here is June.

And here is DJ. She was working on cutting up the Crown Royal bags and cutting all the hst's for that quilt (think we have almost a third or so done of the hst's sewn and cut).

In addition to sewing up the light purple and yellow hsts, I sewed all of these border units.

See them piling up?

And they are all ironed. The left side shows the 12 corner units, and the start of the side units. These are, of course for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll! I brought my blocks with me and was really hoping to trim them but didn't get that far.

I also had to get a picture of June's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll block colors. Her red is brighter and her green in bluer (looks greener in the photo) and I really like them. June likes my colors. LOL, maybe we should trade if we ever get them done!

We had a nice day (went way too quick) and ate potato salad and ribs and lots of coffee (for me, see my bottomless mug? Herve keeps the coffee pot on at all times! Thanks Herve!) We had to leave earlier than we wanted for a work party I had to get to. Not sure you can see in this tiny picture, but Organ Stop Pizza has a huge organ and lots of noise and lights and such. I was glad to see it all, but in no hurry to go back again. Luckily we all know sign language so we could "talk" just fine through all the chaos!

We came home and cleaned up and immediately put on light clothes and are sitting by our bedroom AC. The house AC isn't keeping up. It is still eighty degrees in here. I have a ton of work related stuff to get done tomorrow and all I can think about it getting back to my sewing machine.

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