Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crown Quilt Sees Progress

Last night I trimmed a ton of hst's for my favorite sister Tina's Crown Quilt...DJ ripped the papers and we made quick work of these yellow and violet hst's! I still have a few more to make in these colors and a ton more with the dark purple too. This quilt is sort of lazily in progress. I just got wild and sewed what I had pinned and got it going.

I have done a little sewing on Smith Mountain Morning too...no photo yet. Baby steps!

In case you are dying to know...I still haven't trimmed the RRCB blocks. Somehow I just keep putting that off! I have plans to get it done this weekend. I wound up agreeing to sub a class on Saturday but other than that I have a long weekend and I plan to enjoy it!

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scraphappy said...

Looks like you've got plenty of projects to keep you going on the long weekend. One step at a time.....