Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late Night Sewing

DJ fell asleep early and I decided to head back to my quilting studio....I did some sewing, ironing and pinning on Smith Mountain Morning. This picture shows you what is done so far for that quilt. I have a LONG way to go--I don't even have the logs and all cut and haven't begun to figure out the star tips. There are templates in the book and I need to ask Amy if she used them or had some other idea of Mathmatical genius and uses the Easy Angle or something. I am not big on templates but am even less big on Math (even though I have interpreted College Algebra and all the courses leading up to it almost as many times as I have fingers!)
I also did some pinning on the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll borders. These are going to come together much quicker than the trimming of the string blocks I think.

Of course I couldn't resist adding to my cheddary challenge bow ties. I have enough to put another block together now. I think these would be really cute in tiny doll quilts, but I can envision a huge one of these that gets passed down in my family so I am going to try for that. (and maybe do a tiny doll quilt out of doubles or something).

Meanwhile I have been keeping an eye on Hurricane Irene. Seriously a huge storm and I can't imagine what it is like for all those in the path. I have never been near a hurricane (though I do have a little tornado experience...When I was young back in July of 1980 my county in Wisconsin had four tornados (F1 to F3) and the power was out for days after. I can recall how strange it was and how we couldn't break the habit of flipping light switches as we entered rooms. Also the huge cookouts everyone had because we could still grill and our meat was going to go bad. I stayed with my great Grandma Myrt for the week to help her out. I was actually up at Long Lake during the tornados and I remember one heck of a storm, but wasn't in town when it all happened. Nature just leaves me in awe. Prayers going up for our East Coast Americans.

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Morning Andee! I have lots of catching up to do, it appears, but knew I needed to comment about the templates :0)
I have a set of Tri-Rec cutting rulers (that I used on Bonnie's Cathedral Stars). It is a set of two rulers that make these star-point blocks. So....still templates, but nicer to use the rulers than to make templates. When you stack a few strips together, the cutting time can be stream-lined :0)

GREAT progress on the bow-ties!!!
Wish I could plan some quilting today, but after being gone a few days, the garden harvest is screaming at me for attention :0)
Happy Sunday!