Sunday, August 21, 2011

Snuck in a little Sewing Time

Here is the picture I took of my cute little four patch for my couch that I thought disappeared off of my camera. Apparently when I dropped the camera the memory card dislodged and so only the last picture was on it because I took it after I dropped it. Without the card the camera holds exactly one picture. LOL.

You may recall that I won a drawing that Sherri from A Quilting Life did a little bit ago! I wasted no time in ordering my winnings from and I am tickled with it. I was impressed that they quickly answered a question I had and they sent me a few coupons for future orders. I have never ordered from them before, but now they are bookmarked. Thanks Sherri
and Shabby Fabrics! You made my day twice (the day I won and the day they arrived :))

Another good mail day was a few days ago when I got my quiltvilleswap package in the mail. I have not done a lot of swaps and this is my first with the group. I was a bit disappointed that I got back so many of my own hst's (because I had spent the time putting them in bags with my name and email and then had to take them all back out again) but I suspect it is because I missed that original swap and the hostess went ahead and let those of us stragglers send them in (I just rejoined the group and missed it) and I suspect there just weren't many to swap. So oh well! I did get some other ones to mix in and I was tickled to see I had skinny strips from Amy of Amy's Passions--she got some of my stuff too. Very fun to know that there will be a quilt in Wisconsin with some of my fabrics and one in Arizona with some of hers! Blogging really has enriched my life!

I was really hoping I could sneak in some sewing yesterday...DJ floated down the Salt River with some friends and I wanted to go but since I am suddenly teaching three different classes and had only prepped for one I stayed home to get things set. I had it in my head that the semester started on Monday and before I knew I was teaching three classes I had agreed to interpret two Saturday classes (one pretty much all day) and so I was sipping my first cup of coffee and prepping when I got a text from my team asking where I was. WHAT? Are you kidding me? I am never late, never miss, within about forty minutes I was showered and in the classroom. My amazing team knows I am never late and never miss and was so sweet about it. I owe her big time. I was also quite freaked out because there went my prep day...and then God was good to me...the teacher cancelled the all day class (which is my second class) and I was able to go back home again. DJ had the car so Randy drove me and then had to turn around and come get me again. What a morning. So I didn't get to sew yesterday at all, but I accomplished tons and thank goodness all around. I can get through next week teaching and go from there! Oh and good news my bus drive stuff was recovered! So excited to have all of that back and now on disc. I also reorganized it all and will make sense of it as the semster goes on. I have ammassed a lot of stuff which is great, but if it isn't organized it doesn't do me much good!

This morning I woke up with a migraine. Sigh. So it has been a slow start kind of day but I was determined to sew...I quilted up this little baby quilt. Then I pieced together some scrap binding and bound it by machine. I tried doing it Ros' way and am pretty pleased with it. Next I need to try BJ's method which uses some glue!

We are dogsitting Kathy's dogs again (my former dogs) and here is Rosie posing with the back of the baby quilt. Quite busy, this backing was originally purchased for Tara's quilt backing but I changed my mind on that and so I had a ton of this to back some fun quilts with. I also sewed up one little cheddar challenge block. My head still hurts and have some work stuff to do, so I am going to try to get done what I need to. I hope to sew again some fine day, lol!

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Shannon said...

I love what you bought with your winnings. That stack of blue is so cool. Your little quilt is so cute. I love the colors!!