Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Putzy Kind of Sewing Day

I didn't sew much today but I did a bunch of odds and ends all related to sewing. I started out by cutting up a bunch of fabrics that I had shoved in the Eye Spy bin. I was in a cutting mood and I put it to good use.

I cut up the rest of the qst's and ripped paper, ironed and pinned them for SMM.

And I dug out my bag of HST's that I had collected over the years (remember my new rule? If I take the time to sew up a "bonus" triangle I must iron it right away...) I am proud to say that this mess was completely straightened out today. I ironed every one of those hst's! I also organized them into something usuable.

I then sat in front of three movies (War in Winter, Quarentine 2 and Soul Surfer which was the best by far!) and continued to organize the purple and nuetral hst's...I sorted them into piles and then trimmed them and pinned them so that I can continue sewing Hannah's wall hanging (which will match her Carolina Christmas quilt--these are the bonus hst's from that).

See that nice stack to sew? And on the right you can see the dozen or so little blocks I did a long while back at June's...won't be long now and there will be a little wallhanging done for Hannah for Christmas!

P.S. I don't know why blogger goes nuts with the spacing...I delete the spaces out but they come back...grr!

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Roslyn said...

Do you remove the spaces from the HTML or from "compose", Andee?