Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clue Seven Rolls On (and on) and on...

Here is the progress on Smith Mountain Morning...all sewn with trianglulations and cut up nice and neat. DJ helped depaper them...that is as far as I am on that one!

Bug on her perch next to me while I sew.

And I spent the day working on step seven of Roll, Roll Cotton Boll. And I am still on step seven!

Here is CJ getting in the way of my picture but look how good those blocks look all done!

See my one little problem there at the bottom?

Funny I didn't notice it when I ironed the inner block or the outer block...but when I saw the photo!

DJ was so sweet and offered to rip it out. Then showed me that she ripped out the wrong side! Oh well, didn't even get my blood pressure up...I am happy only one was messed up!

So here are all thirty blocks.

And I laid out a section (blocks aren't trimmed again though) of the blocks so I could see roughly how it will look. This quilt will be HUGE or two quilts because this is alot of blocks!

I think it is interesting and am so glad to be halfway done with step seven, which by the way has to be the longest step in mystery history. :)

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

HAHAHA.....I had a good laugh at the picture of the wrong HST ripped out :0) All in good fun, though. I had to really take a look at the picture of the error before I really saw it....but good of you to rip it and fix it.

Those HSTs for SMM look so dang neat and tidy.

And who is Bug???? I don't remember EVER hearing about Bug? How long have had him? Gosh.....I could hug that lil' thing forever! ;0)

Nice loaded post!