Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today's Progress

Today I quilted the four patch leftovers (after spending about forty minutes trying to put the walking foot on my Janome...it was the first time I have used it on that machine and the screw would NOT cooperate. I enlisted help, I kept my cool, eventually after the others gave up I got it. Not taking it off til I quilt the other two quilts on my list!). I took a few pictures of this quilt outside in the Arizona sunshine and they are missing from my camera. It has been that kind of day. So here is a pic I snapped for facebook before the binding was on (and before the trimming) and another of it on the couch which is what I made it for.

I keep forgetting to mention that I got my Valley of the Sun Shop Hop passport and charm. I will take a picture of the charm when I think of it. It is looking like a bunch of us will try to do the shop hop together this year.

More on my crazy day, I tripped over a dog and dropped my laptop with my flash drive in it. Laptop landed on the dog and then the floor so it didn't break but the flash drive busted right off. I almost threw up. All of the stuff I have been revamping for the class I teach next week was on it. I had emailed two of the things I have been working on, so I was able to recover those but the rest is probably gone. I dug out my discs and copied over a TON of files and attempted to reorganize it but I know I am missing things and especially the stuff I need on Tuesday. We took it to Best Buy...they said they could send it out for 250 or I could try to get someone to solder (spelling?) it and see if I could recover the stuff on it. That reminded me of the computer guy we have used before who has a store here...so since he was already closed I will go see him tomorrow. If I can recover the stuff for less than 100 bucks I will go for it, otherwise I will be putting in more time at the computer. Life goes on but grrrr. Sad thing is I do always back up things but was waiting til I was done putzing with it first so I didn't have two different versions saved. I guess an old version saved is better than NO version saved, Lord help me!

I also got my interpreting work schedule (we start on Monday) and it is a bit all over the place. Two days a week I work for two hours then have almost 5 hours off (I live a half hour away) and then work for four more hours. My longest day is Saturday...I agreed to take a long class on Saturday and they added another one to it. I figure it is for 16 weeks so I can deal with it and hope next semester is more to my liking. I also heard from my teaching boss...may be giving me another class (which is great but it is ASL 2 and I haven't prepped anything for it, starts next Tuesday) but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth becasue it fits into part of my gap in my schedule. Yay, me.

My day did perk up though because about and hour ago I heard from Sheri that I won a gift certificate from Shabyy Fabrics. Whoot, whoot, she and Shabby Fabrics have made my otherwise lousy day!

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