Monday, August 15, 2011

And the Rest of the Story...

Yesterday after a long nap I got up and sewed for about three hours. I cut a bunch more bowties and was happy to notice that several of the blue fabrics now completed bow ties two pics up were from my Grandma Nan's fabrics. She passed away a year ago last night so it was coincidental that I ran across these fabrics and decided they needed to be made into bow ties right then and there in honor of Grandma Nan who also loved to sew. I miss her.

Picture below is my Smith Mountain Morning quarter square triangles made with Triangulations. They turned out very nicely!

I also sewed up these little blocks for my daughter Hannah's wall hanging. I mixed them up a few ways and took photos (discovered one turned after and fixed it) but haven't sewn these into rows yet. I have some green leftovers from the same quilt and am thinking I might sew them up and see if that adds some interest.

I started listening to the radio version of Lord of the Rings which is really good! I am already on disc four. I enjoy my sewing so much more with a good story!

Here is Kathy's NYE mystery that she made for her nephew Seth. I managed to machine bind it with a scrappy leftover mish mash of binding. He will love it..he is four and this is his forth or fifth quilt! He loves them to death.

Then today I also pulled out my leftover four patches and cut some red squares to match and whipped up this little couch quilt. DJ is in getting it set to be basted right now (whoot, whoot!)

Here is what I have so far for the Cheddar Challenge. Two nine patches are done and the rest are just hanging out for now.

Cowboys and Aliens was decent. All of us went (DJ, CJ, Randy and I) which is a rarity. I am going to go help DJ baste the four patch quilt, a baby quilt and a little dolly or doggy quilt...that might be it for sewing tonight, but I am off work tomorrow so when I get done with my prep planning stuff I hope to be sewing!

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

WHEW! So much to remark on....where to start?!?!? ;0)

I can't WAIT for the fabrics to get swapped out for the Smith Mountain Morning quilt!!! Your fabrics are GORGEOUS! Hope I'm fortunate enough to get a strip set (or two) from you :0)

I, too, have a bazillion left over bonus tris from Carolina Christmas; but mine are still un-pressed, unlike yours now.

And LOVE LOVE LOVE how you put the leftover 4-patches together with the red fabric!

Okay.....let's see if I can catch up with you today....