Friday, August 26, 2011

(Not So) Pictureless Post

I was debating blogging since I haven't done so all week and didn't snap any photos today..hey wait I did put one on facebook I can go get, lol. I have been crazy busy back to work. Interpreting college classes and teaching three of them too. All told I survived the Arizona heat despite wearing black most everyday (to contrast with my hands) and having to hike seriously from the farthest points across campus daily. Before work today I quickly quilted my Paganini quilt (hey I have a pic of that on fb too!) so I could get the foot changed out!

Then off to work I went. I finished work today and went out for lunch at a Thai place with my friend and co-worker Christine. Was nice catching up with her and not long after she was in a car accident but her and the kids with her are all fine. I am so glad for that, she is an amazing lady and we have lots in common so I wouldn't want anything to happen to her. And at lunch one of the things we talked about was losing a child and how we couldn't cope with that.
Anyway, I came home and got right to sewing and DJ got right to cutting out the stuff for my sister's Crown Royal Quilt! I managed to make a few blocks but only took a picture of the one.

Once I get four done you will be able to see the star pattern it makes. I was shooting for that tonight, but the Packer game was on and I no longer have cable TVin my sewing room (instead the TV is a videophone for DJ) so I managed to catch the last, best, five minutes of the game and never went back in to sew. I did however haul all the stuff to my bedroom and pinned for an hour. So I have my center blocks pinned for Smith Mountain Morning, four more of the other center blocks pinned, lots of crown yellow/blue hst sheets pinned, and my RRCB border and twelve corner blocks pinned. I should have taken pictures because that is alot of progress!

I work tomorrow for two hours and then I am heading to June's house to sew. That is the reason I pinned the night away. Makes it real easy to gab with June if I don't have to think at all while I sew. I will be sure to get some photos tomorrow!

I also want to put some prayers up for Randy's youngest grandaughter who is in ICU right now from an accident overdose. She isn't even two and is in a coma until the drug gets out of her system. Very scary. Also praying for anyone who may be in the path of Hurricane Irene. Lots going on in the world right now.

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scraphappy said...

Sounds like lots going on for you right now. Glad you are still able to sneak in some sewing time now and then. Even a few minutes here and there add up eventually