Saturday, October 4, 2014

I about went BATTY!

 Started off the day by putting Heidi Powell's white chicken chili in the crockpot, then Kathy and I ran to 35th Ave. to get our BOM.  Two months to go on this year's quilt!
 I then sewed up block number 13 and 14 of City Sampler for the Chooseyourownblockalong!  Each one I make is my new favorite.  LOVE # 13 right now best!
Linking up to Choose Your Own Blockalong!
 Then I tackled Ooh Rah!  This is my BOM Quilt of Valor.  I wanted to change it up and add red and I was going to have two different blues.  I realized quickly that it was enough with to get this block right without changing up the blues.  I am happy with how it came out though it was labor intensive!

Then I decided I should tackle this Halloween project that I had printed out and selected and cut fabric for--TWO YEARS AGO!  I really don't have too many UFO's and only a few things that I have not even started like this.  Really, after reading the directions I thought it was too complicated for me--and I might have been right!  The tutorial is over at Oh Fransson!  Her tutorial is great with lots of pictures, but I have trouble with angles!
So here are what I think are bats (but someone else described as fat barn cats!).  Luckily I did not sew the rows together til after Kathy came home to help me with the angles.

Also, I cannot count one row has one too many bats!  Seriously, this was after I had had my coffee!
 So in the above picture, I think I have this right but I wait to sew the rows.  (I do NOT have it right!)
 Kathy then helped me  to stagger the rows like I was supposed to (I struggled with this part of the directions and knew I was not understanding quite right).  We stepped back and I thought, NOW it is right.  It was NOT!

 Kathy realized I had the whole thing angled wrong--what a surprise.  LOL, so below it finally is starting to look like bats!

 Finally the top is sewn together and I love it!  This is for my son Mac...he is going to love it--think it will become a pillow.

Tomorrow morning Kathy and I are going on our first hike of the the season!  I cannot wait!  I lost .2 this week despite working hard and eating right.  I am still .4 from a 60 pound loss...UGH!  Kathy reached 60 (YAY for her!) and I am hoping to get mine this week.  I did get into a way smaller size this week (thanks Becky for the clothes!) and that sure helped me to not completely go batty!  I think I need to change up the workouts some and up my game!


Mam said...

I struggle with written patterns too. I seem to understand it better if I see it besides reading it. Love the bats.

Lisa J. said...

I love the fabrics you are using for the U Tula Pink . They are quite different. Thanks for sharing your process with the bats.

Carla said...

That's a lot of projects for one day ; ) I like your City Sampler blocks. Carry on ; )

Live a Colorful Life said...

Your City Sampler blocks look great!