Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Fall Quilt Camp 2014

Each time at Quilt Camp, we have a small quilt auction.  Here are some of the things folks brought.  My Lil Twister quilt's winning bid was 25 bucks.  Kathy's wood "I heart quilts" sign got 23 bucks if I remember right.  I did not win any of the bids, thought I really wanted the butterfly watercolor in Packer colors made by Suzie.
Isn't it pretty?  She brought a few for Becky too--she did a great job on them!
My roommate was Terri!  This is her with her quilt for her turned out great! 
I loved these two quilts and I cannot remember who made them...I was thinking Gudrun, but now I am not sure that is her behind the quilts! 
This one is Gudren!  She made these cute turkeys!  Love the tablerunner!
This is Kathy--she made a few dogs
Here is Laura with this beauty.  This was a class awhile back that the group did and she was very happy to get this one off her list!  It looks paper peiced but it isn't!
This is Stephanie.  I LOVE love LOVE this little quilt!   I am going to borrow her pattern...this is paper pieced.  I love the border..looks like ribbons twisting.  So pretty!  And tiny, I love tiny this year!
My sweet neighbor Susie did not even bring a machine.  She hand peiced these beauties all weekend long!  She made the design up herself and it is gorgeous!  She just stitched away and listened to me jabber.  I hope I didn't make her nuts!  She was one of the new friends I made (along with Stephanie and Laura and Terri!).
This is Bonnie (she loved my Bonnie's # 1 Fan shirt!) and this is her very first quilt!  She came along to give us chair massages and facials...and learned how to sew in the process!  What fun!   She wore it like a cape all around the room doing a lap of victory!
Here I am with Terri and Laura.  These ladies are so much fun!  It was nice to have folks to hang with since Becky had her best friend Suzy come down and I wanted to let them have some time together.  It all worked out!  I laughed alot and really felt like a part of the group this time around. 

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