Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Grand Illusion Takes Shape!

 Bonnie Hunter surprised us early with the pre-mystery information for her 2014 mystery "Grand Illusion" and folks are all abuzz on Quiltville's Open Studio!  Bonnie will post the first clue the Friday after Thanksgiving--Black Friday for all you shoppers!  She then posts a linky on the Monday after where all can show off how their mystery is coming along!  Then we do it all again the next week until we are done.  If you follow my blog, you know I am Bonnie's #1 fan and I have made all the mysteries!  You can see them here! 
I haven't decided if I will change up the colors yet, but here are Bonnie's colors (plus black and neutrals) don't they look yummy?
If you have never done a mystery quilt or a Bonnie quilt, consider joining us.  It is tons of fun and lots of support.  I have to start planning the second annual mystery kickoff party!  If you are in the area (Phoenix) and want to come, let me know!  Last year we had a dozen people get together at In Stitches (which is sadly now closed) and you can read about the fun we had here!  This year we are hoping to have it in Chandler..details to come!
If you live far away and you read my blog please comment on me if you are doing this so I can be sure I am following your blog too!  I love nothing better than a Bonnie mystery and all my sewing friends working on it!
PS I lost 3.6 pounds this week and got through my plateau!  That is a 63.2 pound loss so far I believe!  WHOOT WHOOT!


Vireya said...

Big congratulations on breaking through the 60 mark! That's an amazing achievement.

I'm super excited about Bonnie's new mystery. I love her mysteries, and wish I was close enough to come to your kick-off party. But I will be sewing along, and joining in the linkies every week.

Her colours look great - I can hardly restrain myself from heading in to the stash right away. But I do need to put some thinking time in first, about whether to be brave and try my own colour scheme, or just stick with Bonnie's because they look so good.

Cathy said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! That's awesome! I'm really looking forward to the mystery and the colors are amazing. The only thing I'm really thinking about changing is the pink to a purple. This will be my first of Bonnie's mysteries. Wish I lived closer!

Kathy S. said...

I LOVE all your Bonnie Hunter quilts! I'm so excited too. Working seriously to finish up my Celtic Solstice so that I can start this year's mystery by using the bins that used to hold my Celtic Solstice. I know I'm going to need a lot of bins as usual. But that's part of the beauty. Can't wait!!! I'm going to try to stay with Bonnie's colors this year.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your weight loss accomplishment! You're doing great!

I am definately in for Grand Illusion! I'm so excited since I didn't get to do CS last year due to the move (it's still all sitting in a basket on the shelf...a UFO for next year's list). I think I'm going to stick with Bonnie's color choices. I'm really liking them and have a bunch in my stash. The yellow should be the only thing I have to shop for (and convince myself to use...not really a yellow girl).

Julierose said...

ohmygosh--60 lbs. I lost 30 last year on Atkins, but upon coming off I have gained back 10 (Boooo!!) . It is very frustrating and making me irritable--just ask my DH lol...I am so tempted to join in on BH's mystery--but I cannot sew to a deadline..and I am a SLOW SEWER...but will be watching your blog to see how it goes...hugs, Julierose

Sheila said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. You go girl!
Yes. I've decided to do another, my third BH mystery quilt. I'm going with the colors that she suggests. I've also made quilts using Bonnie's Crayon Box and Happy Scrappy Houses FREE Patterns. She is awesome.

Mam said...

Well done you! That's an amazing weight lost. Your perseverance is certainly paying off. I read your blog daily, and I'm looking forward to viewing the next mystery quilt

SandyPA said...

Andee, I'm in for the Grand Illusion, too! I immediately placed an order with my favorite fabric supplier to augment the teals in my stash. Now we just have to wait SIX WHOLE WEEKS for it to start. Bonnie promised this will be a less intense quilt. I might actually finish Celtic Solstice while waiting for this year's first clue.

Kevin the Quilter said...

As Bonnie's #1 fan, I KNEW you would be super excited about her revelation this past week! I just figured out my QOV color scheme today!