Saturday, October 18, 2014

Herringbone Workshop and an RSC Block--or Two!

 I went to the PHXMQG today for the Maureencracknellhandmade Herringbone quilt.  Free tutorial if you follow the link.  Before we got started we had a quick show and tell.  This first quilt is the economy block quilt--members made the blocks and another member quilted it.  It will be donated somewhere.
 Johnny showed us her Jack-o-Lantern runner.
 This is the gal on the left's quilt.  She worked on it at retreat and has it almost done now.  It really is a beautiful quilt!  Makes me love solids even more than usual!
 Then Danny got us going on our herringbone quilts.

 She brought us two finished samples and another in progress quilt.  All stunning!

 Here is Tiffany with her first strip.  She has gorgeous purples and greys and I cannot wait to see hers all done!

 Here are my first two panels trimmed.  I am happy with them, no time to continue working on it right now as I am prepping for Quilt Camp!  So this may come with me if I think I can get to it, otherwise it will wait a bit.

 So here is my Sickle block for the ScrapHappy Saturday Link Up!

I cheated on the Chevron block and used leftover parts from Celtic Solstice.  So it is green and gold!


Marly said...

I love your sickle block; using the piece of floral fabric shows the structure of the whole block really well.
The QAYG workshop looks fun, but I would be worried about joining the panels later. Is it easy?

scraphappy said...

What a fun herringbone tutorial. Love your sickle block. Looks like a fun weekend.

Mam said...

Thank you so much for posting the link to the herringbone tutorial. My grand-daughter requested this type of quilt so the timing was perfect.

Scrappy quilter said...

Lovely work all around.

Cathy said...

I love the Herringbone quilts. Such a fun look! And is that middle during show and tell an Aviatrix Medallion? Kinda looks like it. Gorgeous!