Sunday, October 19, 2014

Climbing, Twisting and Prepping!

 Kathy helped me cut my tiny Lil' Twister and I sewed it all together and quilted it.  I am overall happy with it.  Wish my quilting was better, but I am doing the best I can!  I bound it in the car this morning while talking to Hannah (DD) this morning on speaker phone.
 So happy it is done.  It is only about 11 inches square.  This is for the small quilt auction at camp this weekend.  I hope at least one person falls in love with it!
 We returned to Piestewa Peak this morning and started down what we thought was trail 302--the nature trail.  We have determined we suck with the maps at this mountain.  We followed the path more than half way up the mountain before turning around because it just is really hard on the knees and while I can do it, Kathy really can only do so much of it.  I would rather we did something closer to our level though I enjoy the challenge.
 This is the steepness we were dealing with--turned out it was the Ruth something or other trail which is moderate/severe difficulty level.  Yep, they rated it right!  We did eventually find the nature was in the opposite direction that the sign pointed to and required us to do a serious steep incline down to get to it.  We toodled along on it for awhile before deciding that we had had enough.  All told we only traveled a mile and a half but we did 25 floors according to fit bit.  We also hit Costco, dropped quilts off to Ros, and then hit Wal-Mart before coming home.  I have over 11,000 steps today (worked out tonight too!) which makes up for the 3,000 I had yesterday.  Iced my knee and seriously am ready to hit the sack--it is 8 PM here people, hiking wears me out!
 I FINALLY finished up my lozenges!  I have the 405 I need for the quilt and a few extras to boot.  It is all packed up for quilt camp!


Vireya said...

That looks like a very steep hike! My knees would not have liked that.

Marly said...

I love your twister! Pity I'm not going to your quilt camp. It will be much easier on your legs than that mountain! Have a great time there.

Scrappy quilter said...

Love your twister. So pretty.

Alycia said...

You have way too much energy!! I LOVE it!! Your hike sounds awesome - and really all 405 lozenges - you go girl!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I am so proud of you! That little twister quilt is really cute! I have no idea how you all have so many lozenges made? I think I chain piece a lot,but, I only have a few complete????