Monday, October 6, 2014

NewFo for September!

Some months I don't start anything new and cannot play along with the NewFo linky party.  This month I started LOTS of projects so I can play along!  First off, I started the Choose your own Blockalong and I am doing Tula Pink's City Sampler.  This is what I accomplished so far...this will be onging for a while!

I also made this little twister Packer top which still needs quilting.  Go Pack Go!

 I also finally made this Barn Bats block which will become a pillow!  And a happy little peiced Jack-o-Lantern too!  Linking up with Cat Patches for the NewFo Linky Party!


Roslyn said...

OMG you JOL is adorable!

Julierose said...

I love that Tula Pink collection of crosses---and your bats are a riot! Jack O'Lantern is so funny, too. Such cute projects...hugs, Julierose