Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day Parade

Today we went to the Gilbert Veteran's Day Parade. It is the 4th largest in the U.S. I heard. It was really good and nice to honor those who keep up free. This isn't the greatest picture, but this was the most touching part of the parade for me. They had people, mostly kids, carying a banner with a soldier from Arizona who gave up his or her life for us. It was astounding to see how many there were. Just one state...to imagine how many more there are is so insane. I know they die fighting for what they believe (I am an ex Army wife) but their sacrifice is too much to even understand. Of course all who have served have sacrificed and deserve to be honored, but seeing something like this really hammers it home that the numbers are lives and each life lost touched so many others and they are hurting somewhere, nearby, here in AZ.
We saw several JROTC groups. The school I work at has one but I was at the wrong parade, lol so I didn't see them.

There were also several marching bands, they were all really good!
I took a ton of pictures, the weather was FABULOUS (and to think it has already snowed back in Wisconsin) and Randy and Kathy and I had an enjoyable time sitting on the bleachers for a few hours. My nephew Christopher is currently in Navy boot camp in Illinois...my thoughts were on him today..may he never have to sacrifice as much as so many of these people have.
If you are the praying type please send one up for my grandfather (Papa DeLos) who is 82 years old and had back surgery in WI today. He hasn't woken up yet and a year or so ago he had a major surgery and didn't wake for 10 days. Almost lost him and it took him months to gain his strength back. I was there to help him out and now I am not. So he needs some extra prayers. Thanks!

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