Friday, November 28, 2008

Railroad Crossing Block and I Spy Progress

I had some sewing time after that Black Friday shopping this afternoon! Here is my railroad crossing block all laid out. Notice that my end triangles are not big enough (ask me how I know).
The pattern they gave us with this block had no directions other than a little diagram with a few measurements on it. I need more than this to successfully put my underwear on! Really! I figured out that I could use my Eleanor Burns Flying Geese rulers and make flying geese instead of piecing a zillion little triangles so that helped alot. Took me one time to remember to follow her directions os that I would have enough seam between the geese--I did it the same way last time. Slow learner when it comes to this stuff!
So when it was mostly done I had to rip out all the four corners and put in a bigger piece (one had to change brown/orange color since I didn't have a piece of the same stuff big enough!) and redo it. It took way longer to do this block than it should have. I really admire those quilting folks back in the day who did this by hand or even by machine minus the special rulers, cutters and measuring mats. I suspect I would not have been a quilter Anyway, no idea what I will do with this block other than bring it back to Zoe's to show off in December, but I really like these orangy brown colors!
Also, thanks to Sue and Philla I have now finished piecing the I Spy quilt! I added the last row today and a border and got it all pillowcased and is waiting for whipstitching and might have to wait until tomorrow because I am tired! My honey just got home from work so I think I will head to the couch and cuddle before hitting the hay!


Miss 376 said...

I'm always amazed at the old hand made quilts and all the detail they have. It looks as if you managed to get quite a bit done today. Hope you have a great weekend

Julie said...

This block is beautiful and I love the color too.