Thursday, November 6, 2008

NYE Mystery Fabrics

So there really isn't any extra money in the budget for anything much less fabric so I went through my stash (mostly kits) and decided that one of the quilts I had bought as a kit (Gypsy Girl) was never going to get made as I no longer see what I loved about the pattern! So we need a light, medium and dark fabric or fabrics and this is what I have to work with. We also need a focus fabric and nothing I have really seems to go with this stuff, so on Saturday when I go to meet the gals from my online group I will look for something that goes with this. That will make shopping a bit more fun since I have a purpose...just hope I don't fall in love with a ton of stuff and put it on a credit card...sigh. So tempting!
Also wanted to say YES WE CAN to Obama...can't wait to see where this elequent man will take out nation. I am ready for some peace time, some national health care and some economic good times...SMILE!

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