Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Biggest Loser--I Can't Hold it Back Anymore!

I know I usually talk about quilting and occasionally throw in stuff about my life or what I am reading, but I just can't hold it back anymore...What is the deal on The Biggest Loser? I think that Vicky on there is a horrible person. She is seriously mean spirited and no one I would want to represent the Biggest Loser! I can't believe that Amy voted off Coleen who is seriously the absolute foil to Vicky and one of the nicest people I have ever seen on the show. I have been rooting for her all along. Vicky, Heba and Ed will all stick together and Amy will wind up out on her butt. I seriously will force myself not to watch next season if one of the three of them wins...mainly Some of these shows just really get me torked....
Ok now that I have that off my chest....I sewed the fourth ABC quilt layers together last night so that one is on its way to done. I haven't taken a new pic of it yet though.
I am so excited to have two days off work next week for Thanksgiving. I really hope to get some sewing done...oh and my quilt history class is tomorrow night!

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