Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Spy and some Nine Patches

I am apparently in a blogging mood. SMILE. Much better than yesterday's funk. I sewed a bunch of little 3.5 inch squares together into an I Spy quilt for my nephew Ben. He has one I made already at his aunt Tina's but needs one either at my house or at his dad's. He has two other quilts I made him, but I guess they are at his mom's...kid gets around and needs a quilt everywhere he goes of course!
I really love that I can look at this kind of quilt and be reminded of so many other quilts I have made. It isn't very big yet and I am out of 3.5 inch squares of different fabrics that would work. I think I am going to have to see if ebay has any for sale. I bought a set there for his first I Spy and it worked out well. I would like to get this one done in time for Christmas too.
The other day for fun I put together a bunch of leftovers from my sister's Burgoyne Star quilt into nine patches. There are enough for a doll quilt or something so I may get those into something too.

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Quirky said...

You have made a gr8 start on the Eye Spy quilt. I'll have a mooch through my stash cuz I reckon there are a few bits and pieces in there that could be of use to you for this quilt. If you email your snail mail addy I can send it...along with the Chrissy card I've made for you. :)

Western Australia