Friday, November 14, 2008


Tonight Kathy and I tied these quilts while watching "Planet Earth" so three out of four Christmas gift ABC quilts are done, done, done! A for Ayla.
S for Seth, Randy's slippers poking out there since he is holding them all up in turn (couldn't talk him into doing the tying though) and Daisy is on the couch there on the right.

Here is Kathy hard at work. I deleted the pic of me as it was not one of my best, lol.

C is for Critter/Christopher!
I also forgot to mention that about a week ago I finished the binding on Rachel's Outside the Box quilt. I will be SAD to send that one off to Norway. I am already grieving the pile of Christmas quilts is now 5 high with 6 soon to follow! Hooray for some Christmas stuff done, because I have lots to go...
I was pretty down earlier tonight, but getting my hands on some fabric seemed to help my mood and after about an hour I realized I was not so crabby. I hate that feeling and it just takes time to shake it off...or chocolate, or both!

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Quirky said...

Andee, you are going gr8 guns. Those are all really lovely. Don't forget about Wordless Wednesday over @ Queer Crafters...hint, hint ;)

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